We are Third Party Certified with the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). They are an independent organization that verifies and confirms the process and numbers including the recycle rate for landfills and construction recycling facilities nationwide. The Numbers are reported on an ongoing monthly process and anyone can review Certifed Blue Recycling on their website: www.recyclingcertification.com.

Green Halo

Certified Blue Recycling is listed in Green Halo Systems under Recycling Facilities. Many cities in the Bay Area use this website to keep track of their contractors or who jobs in their city and maintaining the recycle rate required by the city. Learn more at www.greenhalosystems.com.


Certified Blue Recycling is listed on RecycleSmart's list of Approved Construction & Demolition (C&D) Processing Facilities. Contra Costa County uses RecycleSmart so contractors' waste management plans submitted to cities comply with the C&D Ordinance Requirements and/or Cal Green Requirements. 

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